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Varna Car Rental Tips. Useful advises when renting a car in Varna. Compare car rental prices in Varna.

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Varna Car rental Tips

Before booking your car rental at Varna always ask if the price advertised online is final. Additional charges may involve: ⇒ Additional Insurance ; ⇒ Unfair fuel policy; ⇒ Winterization fees; ⇒ Airport fee; ⇒ Child/booster seat; ⇒ After hours fee; ⇒ Parking fees; ⇒ Late collection fees;
Varna Car Rent prices are final.
There 3 types of fuel policies applied by the car rental companies in Varna: FULL TANK is the most fair way to receive your car rental with full tank and to return it full. SEMI-FULL TANK is a bit tricky because you have to return the car rental with the same amount of fuel as you receive it. In most cases you return the car with more fuel. EMPTY TANK is the most unfair fuel policy because you must prepay a full tank, but can not return the car with empty one and always leave extra fuel to the car rental company.
Varna Car Rent hands you the cars with full tank except in very busy periods when we do not have to refuel between the rentals.
Many car rental companies in Varna advertise full insurance, but in fact this insurance is accompanied by a large excess amount (customer's liability in case of an accident). Often customer's are surprised at the rental desk that they have to pay additional amount per each rental day to get full insurance without any excess. Full insurance means ZERO excess.
Varna Car Rent offers full insurance with no excess. Police report is compulsory for all insurance events.
In winter, many car rental companies in Varna surprise their customers at the rental desk by letting them know they have to pay additional money to get a car equipped with winter tires. Otherwise the customers have no choice, but to drive a car with summer tires on icy roads. Ask your car rental company before booking, if the car will be equipped with proper seasonal tires at no extra cost.
Varna Car Rent do not charge any winterization fees and our cars are always equipped with proper seasonal tires.
Our long time experience over the years bespeak that when you book "LOW COST" car rental in Varna most probably you have to expect: ⇒ Old car to drive ; ⇒ Unfair fuel policy; ⇒ Additional insurance or hidden charges to pay at the rental desk;
Varna Car Rent transparently shows all costs included in your booking price.